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Create bank deposit slips and manage deposits easily with your Apple Mac and plain paper!  EZDepositSlip is an award winning software application that saves you time, money and hassle by allowing you to print professional looking bank deposit slips, with your laser or ink jet printer, with plain paper.  No more messy hand written deposit slips.   Windows version available

Let us help you manage your money!

EZDepositSlip is a Mac Operating System based application that lets you make your own deposit slips straight from your Apple Mac. Its an excellent tool for tracking checks, cash, deposit status, and related payer information. If your company or organization deposits many checks or cash every month, this deposit slip printing software will help you get your deposits organized and in the bank faster.

Main Screen

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Sample Deposit Slip

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EzDepositSlip EzDepositSlipEzDepositSlip


  • Never run out of deposit slips
  • Free download and 15-day demo
  • Cash calculator
  • No more purchasing deposit slip forms
  • Export deposit data in CSV format
  • Generate accurate deposit slips
  • Helps you keep your money organized
  • Track your checking deposit and savings deposits
  • Runs on Apple Mac OS X 10.11 and higher


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Uses MICR OCR (optical character recognition) font
  • Custom business screen layout
  • Unlimited deposit accounts and deposit items per deposit
  • Auto pre fill feature makes entry of data easy
  • Fast Fill feature lets you create
  • Allows you to enter any MICR sequence

Who Uses EZ-DepositSlip

  • Any individual, business or organization
    that receives checks or cash. You can even
    customize field names such as payer to
    tenant, patient, contract, client, etc (business types).

Manage your deposits with comprehensive reporting options

  • Print accurate payer detail reports for dispute resolution
  • Keeps you organized by recording every payer detail of each deposit
  • Solve payer disputes with detailed reports showing who paid, how much and when
  • Create reports that meet or exceed your fiduciary responsibilities (earnest money,
    security deposits and retainer audits)

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Extensive Cash Calculator

  • Detailed breakout of your cash including wrapped and loose bills, loose and rolled coins
  • Generate report of all of your cash entries
  • Easily integrates totals right into your deposit slips
  • Excellent for restaurants and retail

Other great built in features

  • Support unlimited bank accounts
  • Print pre-printed blank deposit slips with MICR encoding line that you can fill in manually
  • Automatic data backups
  • Export deposit data to .csv file

Simplify how you manage your business

  • Compare your income year over year through integrated reporting
  • Increase cash flow by getting your checks deposited faster
  • Customize to any business or organization thru selectable business types and custom field definitions
  • Utilize status codes to track late, partial and returned deposits
  • Track each item in your deposits by type (check, money order, cash, credit card)
  • Enjoy a new tool that’s easy to use and navigate
  • Never run out of deposit slips
  • Keep track of checking and savings deposits

  • Compare your income and spending against year over year with custom graphs of your deposit entries.


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Account Maintenance
Bank Maintenance
Deposit Maintenance