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EZDepositSlip for Mac Single User License Trial Standard
Email support: back to you within 24 hours.
Access to hotfix builds: specific builds that address any issues
Online support: software documentation, FAQs, online demos, updates
Lifetime license: no perpetual or recurring costs
30 day phone Support: request to speak to our tech support 30 days from date of purchase   
Maintenance upgrades: update to any subsequent version at discount 6 months from date of purchase
Data Export: export deposit data
Expiration: number of days version can be used 15 days after keycode applied N/A

Single License Pricing Trial Standard

Single License
Create an unlimited number of depositslips. Registration license codes can only be used on one mac computer for personal business.

Purchase includes all updates within major versions 1.x versions for free for the
lifetime of the 1.x product. Licenses between major versions (i.e. 1.x to 2.x) are not
compatible; major version upgrades require a new license.

Before you purchase please check with your banking institution and make sure it accepts printed deposit tickets from your computer. After your purchase is made,
your registration code will be emailed to you with the instructions to activate
EZDepositSlip For Mac.

Free for 15 days
Annual Maintenance Add-On Price

Additional Support
EZDepositSlip annual maintenance is an add-on for each purchased license and is highly recommended. You always have support through our FAQs, documentation and updates online. Maintenance entitles you to the next major release of the product and unlimited technical support through phone and email requests within the year following your purchase.

Note: Service Packs, which contain bug fixes, are freely available to licensed customers. A major release, by contrast, contains new features
and enhancements based on customer feedback and market trends.